Saturday, July 18, 2009

When do you Start your Fall Shopping?

It is the middle of summer and stores are beginning to clear out the summer clothing and display the new fall lines. Do you think it is too early for this?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Must Have Vest for Fall

I am a big fan of vests because they allow me to wear my large collection of tank tops beyond just summer and hot fall days. This fall the trend seems to be furrier the vest, the better. Here are a few of the furry vests I found. Yeah, I went online shopping again.

Juicy Couture $250
(as seen on

These vests are not exactly affordable;st wait until Wet Seal or Forever 21 hop on the band wagon and make a cheep knockoff. To put it simply,

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Summer Goal, and Whatnot

It is about the middle summer, and I have to take the time to ask myself what I have done so far. When I think about it what comes to mind is a whole bunch of nothing, other than working that is. Sure, I went tubing a few times and went to an amusement park, but that hardly counts as a productive summer.

Yay for Summertime!Photo Credit: Olstein Thomassen

What I need to do is sit down and list my priorities and figure out what God wants me to be doing. I am sure just going to work is not the summer vacation he has planned for me. Jeremiah 29:11 has really brought things into perspective for me. It says, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" (NIV).

It is promising to realize that God really does want good things to come from my life. I can try to screw it up on my own, but by trusting in God and following his plan I will be prosperous and hopeful.

As my faith is renewed I am going to update more frequently. I know I have been saying this to myself for the past year, but this is the turning point. Get ready for me to be Bringing You Sunshine more often!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Shopping Steals: The Best of Forever 21

Forever 21 is a staple in the most trendy American's closet, I know it is in mine. Now, even more people can add Forever 21 to their closet with the addition of the new Faith 21 plus size line, which I am so glad plus size girls now get to enjoy the goodness that is called Forever 21.

Sun HatI have aways wanted a floppy sun hat to wear by the poolside.
Forever 21 $7

Maxi Dress
This is a great dress that can be worn dressy with lots of jewelry or casual to the beach with a tote.
Forever 21 $20

Girly BlouseThis blouse is so girly, it is a great twist on vintage. It looks like something the Kardashians would wear.
Forever 21 $15

Nerdy Chic GlassesThese nerdy readers are the perfect compliment to an edgy outfit.
Forever 21 $6

Studded Ballet shoesStudded ballet shoes, hmm they remind me of my DIY studded ballet shoes post. All of you who were too lazy to do it your self can now buy them at Forever 21.
Forever 21 $11

No, I'm not emo i noticed that my first few items were black and just decided to stick with that; hey, black is the most popular neutral so why not? What I really love about Forever 21 is how many peoples' different styles their clothing can work for. They have a great variety at a price that wont make you upset when last year's clothes are completely out of style. Check out my picks for the most affordable trends currently at Forever 21!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dr. Martens are these Grunge Boots uber cute?

Dr. Martens have been around since the 60's and have worked their way in and out of fashion, but is their comeback worthy of praise or complaint? I have never liked Dr. Martens; they are just so large and chunky I feel soldiers should be wearing them, not trendy girls. Having said that, I have to admit that they do look nice with many outfits bringing a grunge edge.

I just got the new Teen Vogue in the mail yesterday (yay!), and these shoes were on everyone's feet. It made me rethink my stubborn position against the boots. Here are some Dr. Martens styles that I approve of--and secretly want to try out.

This look is a tad dark and emo, but the chic bag and blazer tone down the dark skinny jeans and boots.
Credit: Teen Vogue

This trend filled look is transformed by the Dr. Martens to a stylish girly tomboy.

These everyday outfits are paired with Dr. Martens in bright colors for a fun twist on grunge.
Credit: Dr. Martens

Comment and let me know what you think of Dr. Martens. Do you own any? What is your favorite outfit including these boots?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Beauty Poll

It's time for a summer beauty poll. Everyone has different pool side beauty favorites. For me, I need sun tan lotion and mascara that won't turn me into a raccoon.

Vote and comment saying your favorite summer beauty product.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

You can now Follow Bringing you Sunshine on Twitter

Yesterday I made a Twitter page for this blog. My user name is BringingYouSun because bringing you sunshine was too long :( I will post updates on twitter with links stylish updates, fashion ideas, and eventually pictures.

twitter logo
If you have been wondering about Twitter, it is a type of social network that only allows 140 characters, which is designed to work perfectly with text messaging. On Twitter you can quickly see what your friends are up to and even see pictures through twitpic.

The hype of Twitter is similar to that of Myspace or Facebook when they first came on the scene (for example the twitter battle between Ashton Kutcher and CNN to get 1 million followers). At first I thought Twitter was over rated and dumb, but after I tried it I fell in love, especially with the mobile phone adaptatin and ease of use.

If you have not already created a twitter page, start one and invite your friends (and of course tell them to follow me)!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Semi-Anual Sales are Everywhere, Lets Hit the Mall

Victoria's Secret Sale
The Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale just started today, June 16 at 8 a.m. I always wait until after Christmas, when everything goes on sale, to get myself--and if i can help it my friends--anything. June is the same way. Starting in early June most stores have huge sales because are clearing out their spring merchandise to make way for incoming fall inventory. Be happy; to you this means saving money.

Lately I have checked out Abecrombie and Fitch, Bath and Body Works and Victorias Secret, which all have reduced prices. You can look through Abecrombie's clearance online. I recommend taking a look at the jeans.

You can also shop online at Victoria's Secret, but I prefer to try on my bras so I had to stop by the Victoria's Secret and check out the out today. I walked out of the store happy with two push-up bras, a sports bra, and a total of $75.

The moral of the story: drive to your nearest mall and go shopping!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day is on its way. There is now only a week until mothers day, April 9, and that means you better get your plans straight. Here a few ideas from a range of budgets to show your mom how much you really love her.

$ Its the thought that counts:

DIY Breakfast in Bed
Sure, its unoriginal but it means she can sleep in longer and doesn't have to do the dishes after. Just be sure not to burn the waffles or undercook the eggs and she will love it.

DIY Hand-made Card
This time don't just use printer paper and a number 2 pencil. Make it creative even if you don't have lots of art supplies with items from around the house. Try cutting out a heart from a paper plate and decorating it with nail polish. 

DIY Coupon Booklet
Mom works hard; give her the option to take some time off with a coupon booklet for chores. They could be anything: cooking dinner one night, parents date night including babysitting, or even control of the remote for a night.

$$ A token of my love:

Surprise Remodel
Is there a room in the house that is just an eyesore? Make it over. First clean it out and organize it, this may be the biggest task. Then splash some paint on the walls and finish it off with customized art work or family pictures.

Memory Scrapbook
Gather your family pictures and present them beautifully for your mom. You don't necessarily a scrapbook and paper for this one, although it will last longer for if you invest in the good stuff. Just be sure that if any pictures are originals you make a copy, you don't want it to be a disaster-book. Add your own commentary and memories to make it truly special.

$$$ Because you're worth it:

Spa Day
Book your mom a spa day at her favorite day spa. Don'
t tell her what she's getting. Make it a surprise, just make sure its relaxing; she may not want an underarm waxing on mothers day.

Girls Night
Plan a night out for the girls in your family. Make it a good time for you guys to bond, not just her taking you to the mall so she can spend money. Treat her to dinner and a movie, and if your lucky she may take the bill from you.

Flowers are a good thought too         Photo credit: fabiovisentin

No one knows your mom like you do, so personalize these gifts to her and your family. Put love into it, and she will adore it. Whatever you do, don't forget about your mom this Mother's Day Sunday, April 9th.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Its Earth Day, Go Green!

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate I wore green to school, turned off the lights when I left the room, and used a reusable water bottle. To help you go green I decided to post some of my favorite eco friendly beauty products, clothing, and accessories for you to check out.

Sigg water bottle, Its made of clean aluminum and reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills.

Dicks $25
Tom's Shoes, as seen on the At&t commercial are vegan and donate a pair to children in need.
Tom's $50


Burt's Bees, the economical and environmental friendly lip balm.

Bare Minerals, healthy for your skin and healthy for the planet.


Loomstate for Target, "100% organic fibers, 100% affordable fashion."
Target $40

Project Green Label, 100% organic cotton and a good message.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Break Swimsuit Must Haves

Spring Break is just around the corner! Here are the trends in swimwear that will pop up along beaches everywhere.

1. Neon Colors
bright colors attract attention. all you need to pull them off is confidence! how can you pass up a neon bikini?

Thakoon for Target
$17 each

$40 each (about)

2. Tribal Prints
Tribal print bikinis = oh so trendy. They are the perfect way to update your beach look.

$44 each (about)

3. Monokinis aka. one piece cut outs
Finally the one piece cut out. This is for the most daring beach bodies. Wearing one of these will defiantly earn some compliments on your style.
vs pink

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quizlet Makes Studing Fashionable

It is 9 on Thursday night, that means it is time for me to cram vocabulary words for the quiz tomorrow. The traditional way to do it would be to wait till 11 and then make flash cards, but that is unglamorous and would give me raccoon eyes tomorrow.

The new way to study vocabulary is online via games, flash cards, and quizzes. I found an amazing site called Quizlet. A high school student started it, and I love his idea. It is ingenious and I wish I invented it. Quizlet has online flash cards, but what makes the site so amazing to me is the fact that there are two fun games for vocabulary memorization. You can also use the words for a practice test with multiple formats: multiple choice, true and false, and matching.

Here is a screen shot of scatter, my favorite game, where you drag words to match their meaning. It is timed so its a challenge to beat you best score.

It is truly a great study tool and it has improved my grade by a few points since I started using it. An increase in test scores is like buying new outfit, it makes you feel like you can take on anything.

Start studing the fashionable way!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DIY Glam Studded Ballet Shoes

I got an email a month or so ago and it had these amazing studded ballet shoes from Bona Drag. They were the actual dance shoes, not fake fashion flats, but with studs, like you would find on a belt, in them. Anyways, it got me thinking, hey I can make those way cheaper myself.

Here is the inspiration:
These will set me back $48 (and that is before shipping)

Here is the DIY (do it yourself):
These will cost about $25, but take some time to create.
I am going to go to a local dance shop and buy these basic Capezio shoes for $20

Next, I need to order 1/2 inch studs online at for $5, including shipping.

I'm not sure exactly how to insert the studs, but it does not seem it could be too hard. Simply poke it through the leather and bent the inside back, I guess.

These shoes are 40% girly, 35% glam, 25% grunge, and 100% fashionable.
In the end I get custom made shoes that will get loads of compliments, that are one of a kind, and that I saved money by making. I can dress them up or down. The only thing I will be left thinking is what will I style these with?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Etsy: The Biggest Craft Show, All on Your Computer is the my new favorite place to shop for jewelry. i don't even know how to pronounce it, but Etsy has a variety of hand made crafts from jewelry and handbags to wooden engraved signs.

I would buy something from Etsy over a over publicized site such as Girl Props because you are helping out the little guy. Anyone can sell their good on Etsy; this means you wont find your necklace in the pages of this months Seventeen, but classmates will comment on your amazing style.

I have been searching for a unique ring that matches my personal style, sophisticated and simple. I quickly found a few rings that captured my interest.

this one is made of shrinky dinks, this is so original and really creative.

$8 here

This ring is so pure and simple, but is easy to wear, and casual, because of its imperfect qualities.
$20 here

This ring caught my eye because i like the contrast of the pure sterling silver and the black onyx. the ring is perfect for a laid back outfit.

$8 here

This isn't a ring but it is really cute. It has such an authentic vintage feel, its like you just got it out of your grandma's jewelry box.

$24 here

Etsy stores I recommend
sweet petula

You can also find sellers near you.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Spring Fashion Trends Preview

All of the clothing stores are getting their shipments of spring clothes. It is inevitable that I will buy clothes before April comes around and I can actually wear them. In order to save money this season, my goal this season is to only buy key pieces I decide to purchase ahead of time. This way I won't blow all of my precious savings on things I don't really like that much. Here is my spring shopping list of my must buys for this season's trends.

Light Wash Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans, Rolled up of Course

Gladiator Sandals

Floral Pieces

Neon Accents

Pac Sun $16

Monday, January 19, 2009

About Bringing you Sunshine: Q and A

q & a
(question and answer)

q: so what are you doing, a blog about fashion with beauty, fitness and more, isn't that a little vain for a "Christian?"

a: God gave me a passion for fashion and i enjoy helping others look their best. What American isn't at least a little in to all of the above? The key is balance: balancing time spent shopping (online too) and the money blown on clothing and accessories.

q: How are you going to convert me through clothing?

a: The goal of this site is to give a different spin on the whole fashion industry, and just the challenges of being a teen in this crazy society. There are plenty of sites with immodest pictures of anorexic models; what would be the point of another one?

q: Where is the Christian Dior and Christian Lacroix?

a: While there will occasionally be these designers on the sight, thats not the type of christian fashion i am getting at.

q: I like the concept of Christian Fashion, how do I subscribe to get more suneshine?

a: You can subscribe via rss and get emails, add me as a favorite, check out my polyvore, share this site with your friends on facebook, or do anything from the box below.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gladiator Sandals: Sandals that Hot Enough to Battle In

I thought gladiator sandals were over three seasons ago, but then again i thought uggs were a one year fad. Nevertheless, gladiators are on my shoe shopping list for this spring.

Here are my favorite that are also affordable.
Alloy $30
sizes: 5.5-10
alloy $50
sizes: 5.5-10

Urban Outfitters $28

Old Navy $20

AE $30

Target $20
sizes: 5.5-11

Payless $23