Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Break Swimsuit Must Haves

Spring Break is just around the corner! Here are the trends in swimwear that will pop up along beaches everywhere.

1. Neon Colors
bright colors attract attention. all you need to pull them off is confidence! how can you pass up a neon bikini?

Thakoon for Target
$17 each

$40 each (about)

2. Tribal Prints
Tribal print bikinis = oh so trendy. They are the perfect way to update your beach look.

$44 each (about)

3. Monokinis aka. one piece cut outs
Finally the one piece cut out. This is for the most daring beach bodies. Wearing one of these will defiantly earn some compliments on your style.
vs pink

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Kay said...

I lovee cut out swimsuits!