Monday, January 19, 2009

About Bringing you Sunshine: Q and A

q & a
(question and answer)

q: so what are you doing, a blog about fashion with beauty, fitness and more, isn't that a little vain for a "Christian?"

a: God gave me a passion for fashion and i enjoy helping others look their best. What American isn't at least a little in to all of the above? The key is balance: balancing time spent shopping (online too) and the money blown on clothing and accessories.

q: How are you going to convert me through clothing?

a: The goal of this site is to give a different spin on the whole fashion industry, and just the challenges of being a teen in this crazy society. There are plenty of sites with immodest pictures of anorexic models; what would be the point of another one?

q: Where is the Christian Dior and Christian Lacroix?

a: While there will occasionally be these designers on the sight, thats not the type of christian fashion i am getting at.

q: I like the concept of Christian Fashion, how do I subscribe to get more suneshine?

a: You can subscribe via rss and get emails, add me as a favorite, check out my polyvore, share this site with your friends on facebook, or do anything from the box below.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gladiator Sandals: Sandals that Hot Enough to Battle In

I thought gladiator sandals were over three seasons ago, but then again i thought uggs were a one year fad. Nevertheless, gladiators are on my shoe shopping list for this spring.

Here are my favorite that are also affordable.
Alloy $30
sizes: 5.5-10
alloy $50
sizes: 5.5-10

Urban Outfitters $28

Old Navy $20

AE $30

Target $20
sizes: 5.5-11

Payless $23

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year(ish)!

New Year in Times Square

Its officially 2009. Another year has passed by. Time is such a funny thing it goes so slowly when you are young-or doing something boring- and it flies by when you get older. That makes me wonder how well I used my time and what I really accomplished last year? 

I didn't have a 4.0, I wasn't homecoming queen, I didn't save a life, I didnt make the all state state team. ok, I guess not many people did but did I change someone's life? did I make someone's day brighter? Did I comfort someone when they needed it the most? Its these types of little things that add up to making the year great.

Instead of the usual eat healthy and loose weight, which would also be nice, my resolution is to give more hugs. Hugs are so simple but they can mean so much. Its just a way to say to someone that they are valuable. They can comfort, congratulate, and cheer someone up.