Monday, January 19, 2009

About Bringing you Sunshine: Q and A

q & a
(question and answer)

q: so what are you doing, a blog about fashion with beauty, fitness and more, isn't that a little vain for a "Christian?"

a: God gave me a passion for fashion and i enjoy helping others look their best. What American isn't at least a little in to all of the above? The key is balance: balancing time spent shopping (online too) and the money blown on clothing and accessories.

q: How are you going to convert me through clothing?

a: The goal of this site is to give a different spin on the whole fashion industry, and just the challenges of being a teen in this crazy society. There are plenty of sites with immodest pictures of anorexic models; what would be the point of another one?

q: Where is the Christian Dior and Christian Lacroix?

a: While there will occasionally be these designers on the sight, thats not the type of christian fashion i am getting at.

q: I like the concept of Christian Fashion, how do I subscribe to get more suneshine?

a: You can subscribe via rss and get emails, add me as a favorite, check out my polyvore, share this site with your friends on facebook, or do anything from the box below.

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