Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sephora's Beauty Blockbuster

Ultimate Blockbuster - Collector's Edition

I bought this amazing collection of Sephora makeup; i am so happy i did. It has every color you could want. It is perfect for playing with your look and trying bold trends without spending tons of money on colors you will only use a few times.

Ill start with the eyeshadow. There are some cream eye shadows which i wasn't excited about until i realized how perfect they are as eyeliner. The powders are great, but i would recommend layering them to last longer.

The lip gloss has great color but is somewhat dry, its best in combination with lip balm or gloss. The other down side is it does not last much longer than an hour and a half.

The face powders (blushes) come in a variety of colors. they are great for highlighting your your contours with the mixture of light and dark shades.

The lip liner and eye liners are better than i expected them to be, but what was i thinking this is sephora. The only thing is the eyeliner did smear more easily than i like, it is good for a smokey eye though.

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