Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DIY Glam Studded Ballet Shoes

I got an email a month or so ago and it had these amazing studded ballet shoes from Bona Drag. They were the actual dance shoes, not fake fashion flats, but with studs, like you would find on a belt, in them. Anyways, it got me thinking, hey I can make those way cheaper myself.

Here is the inspiration:
These will set me back $48 (and that is before shipping)

Here is the DIY (do it yourself):
These will cost about $25, but take some time to create.
I am going to go to a local dance shop and buy these basic Capezio shoes for $20

Next, I need to order 1/2 inch studs online at studsandspikes.com for $5, including shipping.

I'm not sure exactly how to insert the studs, but it does not seem it could be too hard. Simply poke it through the leather and bent the inside back, I guess.

These shoes are 40% girly, 35% glam, 25% grunge, and 100% fashionable.
In the end I get custom made shoes that will get loads of compliments, that are one of a kind, and that I saved money by making. I can dress them up or down. The only thing I will be left thinking is what will I style these with?


Finley said...

What a creative design.!! Those shoes are absolutely stunning.

Casey said...

Oh my, as soon as I get some money I'm totally making those!