Saturday, June 20, 2009

You can now Follow Bringing you Sunshine on Twitter

Yesterday I made a Twitter page for this blog. My user name is BringingYouSun because bringing you sunshine was too long :( I will post updates on twitter with links stylish updates, fashion ideas, and eventually pictures.

twitter logo
If you have been wondering about Twitter, it is a type of social network that only allows 140 characters, which is designed to work perfectly with text messaging. On Twitter you can quickly see what your friends are up to and even see pictures through twitpic.

The hype of Twitter is similar to that of Myspace or Facebook when they first came on the scene (for example the twitter battle between Ashton Kutcher and CNN to get 1 million followers). At first I thought Twitter was over rated and dumb, but after I tried it I fell in love, especially with the mobile phone adaptatin and ease of use.

If you have not already created a twitter page, start one and invite your friends (and of course tell them to follow me)!

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