Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day is on its way. There is now only a week until mothers day, April 9, and that means you better get your plans straight. Here a few ideas from a range of budgets to show your mom how much you really love her.

$ Its the thought that counts:

DIY Breakfast in Bed
Sure, its unoriginal but it means she can sleep in longer and doesn't have to do the dishes after. Just be sure not to burn the waffles or undercook the eggs and she will love it.

DIY Hand-made Card
This time don't just use printer paper and a number 2 pencil. Make it creative even if you don't have lots of art supplies with items from around the house. Try cutting out a heart from a paper plate and decorating it with nail polish. 

DIY Coupon Booklet
Mom works hard; give her the option to take some time off with a coupon booklet for chores. They could be anything: cooking dinner one night, parents date night including babysitting, or even control of the remote for a night.

$$ A token of my love:

Surprise Remodel
Is there a room in the house that is just an eyesore? Make it over. First clean it out and organize it, this may be the biggest task. Then splash some paint on the walls and finish it off with customized art work or family pictures.

Memory Scrapbook
Gather your family pictures and present them beautifully for your mom. You don't necessarily a scrapbook and paper for this one, although it will last longer for if you invest in the good stuff. Just be sure that if any pictures are originals you make a copy, you don't want it to be a disaster-book. Add your own commentary and memories to make it truly special.

$$$ Because you're worth it:

Spa Day
Book your mom a spa day at her favorite day spa. Don'
t tell her what she's getting. Make it a surprise, just make sure its relaxing; she may not want an underarm waxing on mothers day.

Girls Night
Plan a night out for the girls in your family. Make it a good time for you guys to bond, not just her taking you to the mall so she can spend money. Treat her to dinner and a movie, and if your lucky she may take the bill from you.

Flowers are a good thought too         Photo credit: fabiovisentin

No one knows your mom like you do, so personalize these gifts to her and your family. Put love into it, and she will adore it. Whatever you do, don't forget about your mom this Mother's Day Sunday, April 9th.