Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Etsy: The Biggest Craft Show, All on Your Computer

Etsy.com is the my new favorite place to shop for jewelry. i don't even know how to pronounce it, but Etsy has a variety of hand made crafts from jewelry and handbags to wooden engraved signs.

I would buy something from Etsy over a over publicized site such as Girl Props because you are helping out the little guy. Anyone can sell their good on Etsy; this means you wont find your necklace in the pages of this months Seventeen, but classmates will comment on your amazing style.

I have been searching for a unique ring that matches my personal style, sophisticated and simple. I quickly found a few rings that captured my interest.

this one is made of shrinky dinks, this is so original and really creative.

$8 here

This ring is so pure and simple, but is easy to wear, and casual, because of its imperfect qualities.
$20 here

This ring caught my eye because i like the contrast of the pure sterling silver and the black onyx. the ring is perfect for a laid back outfit.

$8 here

This isn't a ring but it is really cute. It has such an authentic vintage feel, its like you just got it out of your grandma's jewelry box.

$24 here

Etsy stores I recommend
sweet petula

You can also find sellers near you.


Casey said...

I looked at the shops, and I really love pudding. Thanks for posting a link to such a great store!
I'm happy I stumbled across your blog, too :]

WIWINNY said...

Hey I love the 2nd ring !! So simple and chic !!