Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Semi-Anual Sales are Everywhere, Lets Hit the Mall

Victoria's Secret Sale
The Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale just started today, June 16 at 8 a.m. I always wait until after Christmas, when everything goes on sale, to get myself--and if i can help it my friends--anything. June is the same way. Starting in early June most stores have huge sales because are clearing out their spring merchandise to make way for incoming fall inventory. Be happy; to you this means saving money.

Lately I have checked out Abecrombie and Fitch, Bath and Body Works and Victorias Secret, which all have reduced prices. You can look through Abecrombie's clearance online. I recommend taking a look at the jeans.

You can also shop online at Victoria's Secret, but I prefer to try on my bras so I had to stop by the Victoria's Secret and check out the out today. I walked out of the store happy with two push-up bras, a sports bra, and a total of $75.

The moral of the story: drive to your nearest mall and go shopping!

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