Monday, December 29, 2008

About Me

a little about me-

 im a girl in the suburbs. jesus keeps me going. i have no idea what my future holds. i have trouble planing it, everything seams so final with college and a career and all. which reminds me of the stress i have with school and SAT and scholarships and sports. oh and somewhere in all that i try to have a life and be a nor
mal teen. 

i know relationships are the most important thing while im alive but i cant help but be distracted by pointless tasks. 
i also know money is meaningless-you cant take it with you- but the desire to be ritch and have a land rover and the louie bag is always there.
i know i should always do my best, but i sometimes feel guilty being better than others, like i am too proud.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sephora's Beauty Blockbuster

Ultimate Blockbuster - Collector's Edition

I bought this amazing collection of Sephora makeup; i am so happy i did. It has every color you could want. It is perfect for playing with your look and trying bold trends without spending tons of money on colors you will only use a few times.

Ill start with the eyeshadow. There are some cream eye shadows which i wasn't excited about until i realized how perfect they are as eyeliner. The powders are great, but i would recommend layering them to last longer.

The lip gloss has great color but is somewhat dry, its best in combination with lip balm or gloss. The other down side is it does not last much longer than an hour and a half.

The face powders (blushes) come in a variety of colors. they are great for highlighting your your contours with the mixture of light and dark shades.

The lip liner and eye liners are better than i expected them to be, but what was i thinking this is sephora. The only thing is the eyeliner did smear more easily than i like, it is good for a smokey eye though.

Buy it at Sephora

Monday, August 11, 2008

Enjoying Summer, Polyvore 2

Yay! i made a new polyvore. im happy to say it is better than my first one, but there is still improvement need for me to be one of the most popular on polyvore's site. 

I haven't updated latley because i have been out enjoying what is left of summer, im so sad the days are getting shorter. Back to reading and studing :(   hopefully once school starts, i update more. 

Check out this verse i found really inspiring:

     Ecclesiastes 3:2
     [there is]
     A right time to plant and another to reap,
     A right time to cry and another to laugh, 
     A right time to embrace and another to part,
     A right time to hold on and another to let go,
     A right time to wage war and another to make peace.

this is a limited selection. read the rest here

it really emphasized the point to enjoy the rest of my summer that now is the time to hang out with my friends and finish my summer reading so that i can fully concentrate on my school work this year.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Wild Eyes: Eyeshadow Application Tips

Envied eyes are easier than you thought. Get envied eyes from Color On Professional. They have cream shadow that allows you to simply rub on perfection. These wild shadows are so cool it looks like you spent hours doing the pattern when all you did was rub it on, wow i really want these.

Check out for a video on how to apply and make the color last.

If the cheetah and zebra are too much for you there is also a basic smoky set.
For just $25 you get 5 pairs of shadow patterns and a perfecting powder and brush.
Image courtesy of Sephora.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Life is awesome

Life is a comedy. An optomistic outlook can change your life for the better. Look at life through a childs point of view and you find humor in little things and see everything with a new curiousity. this picture makes me laugh . Its a zebra horse.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bright Idea Nail Polish

Ok so, many people have been seen wearing bright polish this summer to name a few Rihana and Lindsay Lohan. Neon nails are so bold and perfect for summer.

Some brands with hot new neon lines are Essie, Orly, and Channel.

I love keeping up with polish color trends because $7 gets you a bottle of fantastic color that will be envied. I found this blog that is devoted to nail polish, well its actually lacquer but same difference. I got the images from it. Check out all lacquered up.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Easy Summer Outfit

This outfit is perfect for a stroll down the beach or for going out to coffee in the morning. It is so simple yet so classy.

This dress is great because the thick straps allow you to easily wear a bra, without worrying how to cover up the straps.

This belt is skinny and can easily be worn at the waist to create curves or through the belt loops to dress up jeans.

gladiator sandals: simple and chick. What more can i say?

This bracelet is adjustable and can also be worn as a necklace or a belt, making it well worth the nine dollars.

Summer is going fast, be sure to enjoy it while it is here!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Shop, and Fight

Fight breast cancer with these purchases.

Lucky Charms:

Leather braclet
Lucky Charms $25
Donated amount: $0
although, they did make a $2,500 donation to Susan G Comen for the cure.


Virtually all of Wilson's womens' golf along with a few products in other sports is the Hope brand which supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. There is no specific amount donated, but wilson says, "Your purchase of a Wilson Sporting Goods product in turn helps Wilson to maintain its ongoing support of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation."

I had trouble finding other products that support breast cancer. let me know if there are any other good products.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Step by Step Makeup

Makeup Made Simple

Angelina Jolie

1. apply the eyeliner getting slightly thicker as you go away from your nose
2. apply the light color eyeshadow (biscotti) from eyelashes to eyebrows
3. apply the darker color (tiki) from the eyelash to just above the crease of your eye lid
4. put on the mascara
5. evenly apply the foundation
6. on the apples of your cheeks apply a light layer of blush
7. put on the shean stick (nude lipsitck)
8. over the lipstick, put a think layer of gloss

Here are the colors and products i recommend, all from mark. If you decide to buy anything there, i recommend doing it through a representative. You can buy online with out talking to them and it will make someone happy, i would know i am a representative myself.

1. use black lengthening mascara
try: Mark comb out lash lifting mascara in black
2. use black liquid liner
try: Mark On The Edge Hook Up Liquid Eyeliner in Cleo (black)
3. use 2 shades of eyeshadow. one light and one darker.
try: I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow in Biscotti (light color used base) and Tiki (darker color goes on lids)

1. use natural colored foundation
try: mark C-Thru-U Beautifying Sheer Tint
2. use a bronze blush
try: mark Good Glowing Custom Pick Powder Blush in Cameo Glow

1. nude moisturizing lipstick
try: Tinted Sheenstick Hook Up Lip Balm in Fanciful
2. light gloss
try: Juice Gems Squeeze On Lip Gloss with Real Fruit Extracts in Juicy Honeydew

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Best of

I really like Alloy because they have reasonably priced, fashionable clothing. They also sent out a catalog. I love getting catalogs because it is like getting a free magazine without the annoying, occasional amusing, adds on every other page. sign up to get one mailed to your house here

Here are my favorite outfits, all pieces available on and the high points of with emphasis added to my favorite piece of the outfit.

Vneck tee $13
This edgy men's wear piece goes great with straight or skinny leg jeans add a few girly touches such as a shiny belt and a sweet bangle and your outfit is complete.

White Denim Mini $20
I love the contrasting leather belt. it is so simple and adds a touch of class to the destroyed mini.

Alloy also has celebrity fashion articles such as this one:
Check out the leather belt on LC's white dress, kinda like the skirt above. i like it!

see the rest of the article

Friday, July 4, 2008

Simple Summer Outfit

Happy Fourth of July!
Thank God i life in an amazing country.

Here is a easy, laid back outfit is perfect for the summer holiday with pops of color and fashionable twists on the classics.

V neck Tee: Gap $16.50
Denim Skirt: Forever 21 $24
Sandals: American Eagle $40
Braclet: Lulu's $9
Headband: Claires $3.50

Friday, June 20, 2008


Polyvore is a great idea. You create a collage of clothing and pictures. The best part is there is a link of websites on the right side that takes you to the site the individual image in the picture is from. You can creatively show your personal style while you can get feedback on outfit ideas for others.

Glam Rocker:

Summer Fun:

Vintage Romantic:

Polyvore is like cutting up your favorite magazines to make collage, only you can share it with the world. I wish I had time to put together pages as cute as these. I will try to put a few together, it is such a great way to display an outfit.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Counting Calories through SMS

Calorie counting can be difficult, especially when eating out. Many fast food restaurants have started showing the amount of calories in their "healthy" menus, and even some sit down restaurants have created healthy smaller portions including the number of calories.

When your favorite food, such as a Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce
here is an example what you will see when you get a text:

yays: I got the text almost instantly. This service from is perfect for when you are standing in line weighing the difference between your favorite and what you think is more healthy.
nays: The only downfall is that you have to sign up online at and you must be 18 to create an account, or have your parents make one and allow you to use it. They say that kids under 13 aren't even allowed to access the sight, I'm not sure why.

Remember: although everyone wants to be as toned as toned as Madonna, well maybe not that strong, but you are beautiful no matter what because you were created perfectly.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So, many Americans are stressed out weather it is from work, school or family struggles. It is apparent from the abundance of anxiety drugs, i found ten.

Stress has many bad implications including loss of sleep, strained relationsips, lower grades, and weight gain. None of these are positive things.

picture from

People are searching for an effective way to deal with it, medicne and eatin right can provide temporary relief but only one person can provide an escape from your daily life.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28 (NIV)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Schools out for Summer!

finally, school is out! finals are over and now it is time to sip lemonade and tan, but mainly search for a summer job. I'm excited to finally be able to relax this summer and hang out with friends. like most people i say this is going to be the best summer ever but i think that this truly is going to be.
here are a few welcome summer icons.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Test of mobile blog

Monday, May 26, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is rarely fun but usually rewarding, who doesn't love a clean room? Here are some ideas to organize your closet.

1. Get rid of everything you haven't worn in the past year. Are you really going to wear that tee shirt you bought two years ago because you fell in love with it at the store, but haven't worn it since? Probably not. Get rid of it.
Some ways to ditch unwanted clothes:

  • Give them to charity such as salvation army. Salvation army is a great choice because you help someone in need out. Find a Salvation Army here.

  • Sell them to a resale shop. At Plato's Closet you get cash on the spot, the downside is that they don't always accept clothes. When they are accepting they are very picky, don't pay much for clothes, and usually take over an hour to sort through the clothes. Find a Plato's Closet here.

  • Have a clothes swap with all of your friends. Go to someones house and have everyone bring some pieces of clothing that they are just tired of. It's a good excuse for a party and a free and easy way to switch up your wardrobe.
2. Organize your closet. Give it some type of order. When you can quickly see what you have you will be more inclined to be creative with your outfits. Separate your dressy clothes from your every day jeans and your pants from your shirts. This makes it easy to get dressed quickly, especially if you hit snooze too many times like I do.

3. Invest in some organizational tools. Here are inexpensive ways to keep your closet clean and pretty.

This hanger is perfect for belts and scarfs. From Linens and Things its only $3.99, at that price you can't afford not to be organized. Buy it now.


These boxes are the perfect size for everything from DVDs to Books to headbands. They are only $7.99 for a set of two at Ikea. They come in Red, Green, Black or White. Buy them now.


This dress frame jewelry holder is a sophisticated way to organize your jewelry while showing it off at the same time. It is so cute it is worth the whole $59.00 at Pottery Barn Teen. Buy it now.

dress jewelry holder

4. Be creative. You can organize without spending a dime and be Eco friendly.
  • Instead of buying boxes, use old shoe boxes and use wrapping paper to personalize them.
  • Wrap belts around the buckle then place a rubber band around it. All your belts can bee neatly displayed in a drawer.
  • Use the hangers from the dry cleaners. If you find them too weak string some together with yarn.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Dolce and Gabbana Handbags

New Dolce&Gabbana One of a Kind Handbags are classy and funky at the same time, somthing that is difficult to pull off and rarley seen. They are truly one of a kind made from "antique Venetian brocade, crocodile and python." If your ritch daddy to buys you one, it will be presented to you at an invintaion only event.

check out the offical D&G© One of a Kind website for more bags.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

First Post!

Ok, so i don't have much to say right now.

Here is what the site will have:
Inspirational Quotes
Fresh Fashion Ideas
Pretty Makeup Tips
+ whatever else i feel like

In order to have a good blog, or website for that matter, other websites are important in that journey. These are websites i would like to give credit to: