Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Break Swimsuit Must Haves

Spring Break is just around the corner! Here are the trends in swimwear that will pop up along beaches everywhere.

1. Neon Colors
bright colors attract attention. all you need to pull them off is confidence! how can you pass up a neon bikini?

Thakoon for Target
$17 each

$40 each (about)

2. Tribal Prints
Tribal print bikinis = oh so trendy. They are the perfect way to update your beach look.

$44 each (about)

3. Monokinis aka. one piece cut outs
Finally the one piece cut out. This is for the most daring beach bodies. Wearing one of these will defiantly earn some compliments on your style.
vs pink

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quizlet Makes Studing Fashionable

It is 9 on Thursday night, that means it is time for me to cram vocabulary words for the quiz tomorrow. The traditional way to do it would be to wait till 11 and then make flash cards, but that is unglamorous and would give me raccoon eyes tomorrow.

The new way to study vocabulary is online via games, flash cards, and quizzes. I found an amazing site called Quizlet. A high school student started it, and I love his idea. It is ingenious and I wish I invented it. Quizlet has online flash cards, but what makes the site so amazing to me is the fact that there are two fun games for vocabulary memorization. You can also use the words for a practice test with multiple formats: multiple choice, true and false, and matching.

Here is a screen shot of scatter, my favorite game, where you drag words to match their meaning. It is timed so its a challenge to beat you best score.

It is truly a great study tool and it has improved my grade by a few points since I started using it. An increase in test scores is like buying new outfit, it makes you feel like you can take on anything.

Start studing the fashionable way!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DIY Glam Studded Ballet Shoes

I got an email a month or so ago and it had these amazing studded ballet shoes from Bona Drag. They were the actual dance shoes, not fake fashion flats, but with studs, like you would find on a belt, in them. Anyways, it got me thinking, hey I can make those way cheaper myself.

Here is the inspiration:
These will set me back $48 (and that is before shipping)

Here is the DIY (do it yourself):
These will cost about $25, but take some time to create.
I am going to go to a local dance shop and buy these basic Capezio shoes for $20

Next, I need to order 1/2 inch studs online at for $5, including shipping.

I'm not sure exactly how to insert the studs, but it does not seem it could be too hard. Simply poke it through the leather and bent the inside back, I guess.

These shoes are 40% girly, 35% glam, 25% grunge, and 100% fashionable.
In the end I get custom made shoes that will get loads of compliments, that are one of a kind, and that I saved money by making. I can dress them up or down. The only thing I will be left thinking is what will I style these with?