Monday, June 29, 2009

Shopping Steals: The Best of Forever 21

Forever 21 is a staple in the most trendy American's closet, I know it is in mine. Now, even more people can add Forever 21 to their closet with the addition of the new Faith 21 plus size line, which I am so glad plus size girls now get to enjoy the goodness that is called Forever 21.

Sun HatI have aways wanted a floppy sun hat to wear by the poolside.
Forever 21 $7

Maxi Dress
This is a great dress that can be worn dressy with lots of jewelry or casual to the beach with a tote.
Forever 21 $20

Girly BlouseThis blouse is so girly, it is a great twist on vintage. It looks like something the Kardashians would wear.
Forever 21 $15

Nerdy Chic GlassesThese nerdy readers are the perfect compliment to an edgy outfit.
Forever 21 $6

Studded Ballet shoesStudded ballet shoes, hmm they remind me of my DIY studded ballet shoes post. All of you who were too lazy to do it your self can now buy them at Forever 21.
Forever 21 $11

No, I'm not emo i noticed that my first few items were black and just decided to stick with that; hey, black is the most popular neutral so why not? What I really love about Forever 21 is how many peoples' different styles their clothing can work for. They have a great variety at a price that wont make you upset when last year's clothes are completely out of style. Check out my picks for the most affordable trends currently at Forever 21!

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