Monday, August 4, 2008

Wild Eyes: Eyeshadow Application Tips

Envied eyes are easier than you thought. Get envied eyes from Color On Professional. They have cream shadow that allows you to simply rub on perfection. These wild shadows are so cool it looks like you spent hours doing the pattern when all you did was rub it on, wow i really want these.

Check out for a video on how to apply and make the color last.

If the cheetah and zebra are too much for you there is also a basic smoky set.
For just $25 you get 5 pairs of shadow patterns and a perfecting powder and brush.
Image courtesy of Sephora.


Lydia said...

whoa! the zebra is fabulous!!!

Lydia said...

oh ya, sorry im logged on 2 gmail. my bloggin name is redheaded bandit at and! sorry about the confusion