Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bright Idea Nail Polish

Ok so, many people have been seen wearing bright polish this summer to name a few Rihana and Lindsay Lohan. Neon nails are so bold and perfect for summer.

Some brands with hot new neon lines are Essie, Orly, and Channel.

I love keeping up with polish color trends because $7 gets you a bottle of fantastic color that will be envied. I found this blog that is devoted to nail polish, well its actually lacquer but same difference. I got the images from it. Check out all lacquered up.


Belle said...

I love bright yellow, orange and green nail polish.

KiKi said...

I like bright nail polishes but only at the right time

The Redheaded Bandit said...

the chanels are fabulous! (no surprise there)

B. said...

i love love love the bright colors, but i must say that right now i've been sticking to some pinks. i don't know i'm feeling more girly lately.